H&FBrill4Biz Workshop 25th June 2019
Work with Tony Stewart to get yourself CHAS or Constructionline accredited

Meet the Council’s Strategic Asset Management Team with a £30m annual budget for capital works to spend

Find out how the Ultra-Low Emission rules will affect your business

MTW Consultants Ltd

H&FBrill4Biz Supply Chain has been actively promoting you to buyers over the past 3 years and the message has always been the same: ‘We need our suppliers to be accredited at least with CHAS or Constructionline and SSIP. This gives us a lot of comfort when working with a new company. At least they have some systems in place.’

Those of you that still have no accreditation in place, or want to go to the next level, come to our workshop on 25th June. Our expert Tony Stewart will take you through the process and can follow up with you after the event to review your paperwork and get you started with your application.  

You will also hear from the Council’s Strategic Asset team which has a mandate from the top to procure a minimum of 20% of its £30m annual budget from local companies. So this session is relevant to: Builders, Architects, Technical consultants, Electricians, Plumbers, Builders merchants among others. The unit is responsible for commissioning all capital works to the 17,500 social housing units in the borough.

We will also have a talk on the Ultra-Low Emission rules which will soon apply to all commercial vehicles in central London and how to prepare for this. The Low Emission Zone footprint in central London is greatly increasing from 2020 and penalties for non-compliance are £100 per day.

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